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d0rk_xo's Journal

6 February 1988
Oh lord this stuff is old.
accents, aim, alcohol, all night telephone conversations, all things sparkly, bffls, birthday parties, black pens, blondes, blueberry muffins, bonnebell, bracelets, bright colors, burger king crowns, burt's bees lipbalm, camp nowhere, channel 422, charlottesville high school, cheesy pop ballads, cinnamon toast crunch, coloring, concerts, conversations with mexicans, conversations worth remembering, cool people, cosmo, crazy away messages, custom emoticons, dancing, djarum cloves, doodling, downtown, easter baskets, english accents, english men, er, fairies, family guy, february, ffcb club, finding nemo, flip flops, freestyles, french fries, fried dumplings, friends, fuck, glitter, grafiti on my keyboard, graham norton, grape juice, hanson, harry potter, herny, holding hands, homemade valentine cards, ice cream, inside jokes, international mail, italian boys, jamie oliver, jeans, jellybeans, jennifer, jokes, juice, juicy tubes, karaoke, kevin, kings dominion, kryssee, lace, late night aim conversations, late night mini golf, lipgloss, long letters, looking at the stars, making out, mi amor, middle school dances, moonlight path, movies, msn, music of all kinds, music videos, my hot cell phone, my twin, neon green bras, nick2000carter, old school adidas, old school nickelodeon, olive garden, oliver james, perfume, photos, pink bubble wrap, polaroids, pom, postcards, pretty bras & panties, price stickers, psychology, quintuplets, quiznos, rain, ralph lauren romance, reading, reality tv, reminiscing, reuniting with old friends, rings, road trips with friends, roller coasters, scrapbooks, screwdrivers, secret crushes, secret thoughts, seventh grade paltalk chats, sex, sharpies, silly voicemails, singing, skirts, sleeping in, slinkies, slurpees, smirnoff twisted, sparklers, spongebob, starburst chapstick, staying up all night, strawberries, strawberry soda, straylight run, stupid surveys, summer, taking back sunday, taking pictures of everything, the carousel, the color pink, the mall, the reproduction song, tori, ursher, vanilla bean frappacinos, victoria's secret, virgin sluts, virginia, vodka, white boards